How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Roof?

The cost of replacing a roof is something all homeowners and home buyers should know. A roof wearing down over time is inevitable. If the roof covering your New York home is already on the older side, you should start preparing for replacement by knowing more about the potential costs involved.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the factors that affect roof replacement costs. Then, we will examine all essential factors and give you an idea of the cost impact they may have on your project.

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of how much you will need to pay if you want to replace your roof.

What Is the Average Cost of Roof Replacement?

If you are looking for a solid number you can sink your teeth into as you try to gauge the cost of roof replacement, we can provide that. Prices for that kind of home improvement project typically range from $5,500 to $31,000.

You will likely have to pay a pretty penny for roof replacement, but doing so becomes easier to digest when you remember what you are getting.

Remember that new roofs last for a long time. So you are paying for something that will likely be a fixture on your home for several decades.

Replacing your roof also makes your home more comfortable. You can effectively address an issue such as excessive heat transfer by replacing your roof. If you are thinking of making your New York home bigger by adding a second story, you will probably need to replace your roof as well.

Second-guessing your decision after learning about the costs involved is understandable. Even so, given its benefits, you should feel comfortable making that investment.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Roof Replacement?

Several factors determine the cost of replacing a roof. You need to know more about those factors to understand how much your specific project will ultimately cost.

Let’s discuss those factors in greater detail in this section of the article.

Roof Removal

Before you worry about installing a new roof over your New York home, let’s talk about getting your old roof out of the way first.

In some cases, removing an old roof before installing a new one may not be necessary. If your original roof is still in fairly good condition, that could be the case. You can install your new roof over the old one and make things work.

Layering is no longer an option if you have already done it previously. It is also off the table if your original roof is in bad shape.

All you are paying for if you need a roof removed is labor cost. Labor costs for roof removal are generally cheaper than roof installation.

Expect to pay around $5 per square foot for roof removal.

Note that some contractors may bundle the cost of roof removal into roof replacement. If you notice that your quote for roof replacement is a bit on the high side, you should ask your contractor if they are already accounting for roof removal.

Labor Costs

Labor expenses play a big role in determining how much roof replacement costs. Most of the time, it is the biggest expense related to the project.

After discussing the cost of roof removal, we already have a baseline for labor costs. The average labor cost for a new roof is slightly higher. To be more specific, homeowners can expect to pay about $5 per square foot if they want a new roof installed.

Contractors charge more to replace a roof because it takes longer. This job is also more complicated, and it requires careful planning. When the job’s done, the contractors will also remove the debris from the construction site.

Installing the new roof may be their primary focus, but the project involves more work than that.

Consider hiring a general contractor to take on this project.

A general contractor can manage the project in your stead. They can lead the workers, ensure that the project remains on schedule, and give you regular updates.

The general contractor you hired could also save you money. Many general contractors have connections to laborers and suppliers in their respective locations. They can use their connections to lower the cost of your building project.

Roof Size

Next up, we need to discuss the impact of roof size on the replacement cost.

If your roof measures close to 1,000 square feet, the cost of replacing it will be around $8,000. Replacing a larger roof measuring 1,200 square feet will cost about $9,000.

The cost of replacing a roof that measures 1,500 square feet will be close to $11,500. You can expect to pay $15,000 to replace a roof in the neighborhood of 2,000 square feet.

Roof Pitch

One factor not discussed enough when determining roof replacement costs is roof pitch. You may know it better as roof slope or the angle of your roof.

Roof pitches can make replacement projects more complicated. Workers must be more careful when the roof has a more pronounced slope. They may need to work slower and install more safety measures to account for that.

Does this mean the cost of replacing your roof will increase if it has a greater pitch? Well, that is not always the case. A flat roof could also be expensive to install due to its required reinforcements.

The role that roof slope plays in determining the cost of a new installation is quite complicated. Work closely with your contractor so you can gauge the kind of impact it is having.

Roofing Materials

The material you choose for your new roof will heavily influence the overall cost of replacement. You have numerous options to consider here. Let’s go over some of the more popular options below.

Asphalt Shingles

First off, we have asphalt shingles. For many homeowners, the main draw of using asphalt shingles is their price. The cost per square foot if you opt for asphalt shingles is around $2.50.

Notably, that price tag only applies to the lighter and less durable 3-tab shingles. If you are interested in architectural shingles made from asphalt, the average cost per square foot is closer to $5.70.

Asphalt shingles combine to create a classic look that many homeowners adore. The understated color of the asphalt is also easier to work with if you are planning to go bold with your design scheme elsewhere.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing is arguably the best choice if you want a spectacular addition to your New York home. This roofing type is also energy-efficient, saving you money in the long term.

Remember, wooden roofs require plenty of maintenance. So make sure you are ready for that upkeep before moving forward with this installation.

The average cost of cedar shake roofing comes to $7.70 per square foot.

Clay Tiles

Individuals love clay roof tiles for their durability. Count on these tiles to stay on your roof for over fifty years. Homeowners can also add flair to their design scheme by installing hand-finished clay tiles.

You should know that clay tiles do not come cheap. On average, clay roof tiles cost $11 per square foot. However, if you are getting hand-finished tiles, the price may climb up to $15 per square foot.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles are similar to clay tiles in terms of durability. You can also bank on your concrete tiles staying in good condition for the next five decades or so.

These roof tiles also provide good fire resistance. So if fires approach your home from above, your concrete roof may keep the rest of your property intact.

Unfortunately, you may need to alter the structure of your home to support concrete tiles. In addition, you will likely need to construct some reinforcing structures to adequately carry the weight of your concrete roof.

Concrete tiles are relatively cheap at $6 per square foot compared to the other materials we are discussing. However, you may cancel out those savings due to the support structures you need to build.

Metal Shingles

The price range for metal shingles is the widest for any material options. Some metal shingles may be as cheap as $4 per square foot, while others cost closer to $30. The wide price range is due to the varied metals you can use for your roof, including aluminum, copper, and zinc.

A metal roof can be a great choice for your home because of its remarkable durability and energy-efficient nature. Metal roofs also hold up well to weathering. Therefore, you can expect them to maintain their appearance for a long time.

On the other hand, metal roofs can be noisy. They are also prone to denting, so consider that before making your choice.

Slate Shingles

If durability is the factor you are weighing the most while trying to choose a new material for the roof of your New York home, then you should go with slate. According to Lowe’s, roofs made from soft slate can last up to a hundred years. Meanwhile, hard slate roofs can protect your home for close to two centuries.

Slate also features a distinctive look that appeals to many homeowners.

If you plan to get slate tiles, you can expect to pay $9.80 per square foot. You may also need to reinforce your roof if you want to use slate tiles.

Building Permits

You must have building permits for different kinds of construction projects in New York State. Most roofing-related projects will require them.

There are only a few notable exceptions.

You may not need a building permit if you are replacing the roof above the sheathing without altering the layers underneath. You may also not need a permit if you are installing a green roof system that goes no deeper than 4 inches into your roof.

The cost of your permit will change based on the project and the size of your home. Ask your contractor about the building permit to get a better idea of how much it will cost.

Also, you can leave the task of securing the building permit up to your contractor. They can obtain that permit faster because they are already familiar with the acquisition process.

Special Roof Features

Certain home elements can make a roof replacement project more complex.

For example, you may have fixtures on top of your home that penetrate your roof. Those fixtures may include chimneys, vents, and pipes.

The workers must account for those fixtures during roof removal and installation. They will likely charge more because those elements make the project more complex.

The project’s cost may also increase due to skylights or specially designed windows. Once again, the workers will need to consider those features while replacing your roof. You can expect them to charge extra for that.

The Timing of Roof Replacement

Lastly, we should talk about the impact that the time of the year can have on the cost of your roof replacement project.

Generally speaking, roofers offer more customer-friendly rates during the winter months. They do not get as many projects during those months, so they may present you with a more affordable rate to get you to commit.

Not everyone can get work done on their home during the winter because that is typically a busy season for gatherings. However, if you can free up some time during those months, you may secure a good deal.

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